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An Understanding of What Auto Accident and Injury Attorneys Do in South Florida

We just launched a new website and wanted to relay what our firm of Miami based accident attorneys and lawyers can do for you. We take tremendous pride in what we do and the quality of our work. We are sure that you are constantly saturated with images and commercials pertaining to accident lawyers in Miami. We understand that this can be very confusing and disorientating for a client.

If you’re driving down the road you may see multiple bench adds, billboards, bus adds, and hear about multiple law firms and referral services within the span of a few minutes. As you can imagine, many of these advertising campaigns are extremely costly and entail the expenditure of millions of dollars. Many of these outfits handle quantities of cases which were unheard of ten (10) to twenty (20) years ago.

Our belief is that to best serve a client and his/her accident matter it is better to manage the amount of cases our firm takes on. As Miami accident lawyers we understand that to maximize results one needs to focus on details. Our focus begins with the client. We strive to understand everything the client is going through. Our clients have easy access to our staff. We find that direct candid communication with our clients leads to the best possible results.

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Irma Homeowner’s insurance claims

By: Demian Rafael Goldstraj

The Florida Keys suffered tremendous damage, resulting from the force Irma exerted. This was a very strong hurricane. Now as Floridians we have to deal with the aftermath.

This of course entails dealing with insurers in order to procure funds to perform repairs or replace damaged property. Homeowner’s claims can be tedious and complicated. Our office has handled many homeowner’s claims over the years. We understand that homeowner’s policies are confusing and complicated. To simplify, a homeowner’s policy is a contract to cover certain losses, should they occur, so long as certain conditions are met.

As a Miami Homeowner’s insurance attorneys, we understand the complexities of the claims process. Homeowner’s insurance companies are business. Like any for profit entity their goal is to maximize revenue and reduce losses. Therefore, insurance companies will analyze your claim with a fine tooth comb. Insurance companies will look at your policy and application with tremendous detail.

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Hurricane Irma: South Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

By: Demian Rafael Goldstraj

Our office has been dealing with Homeowner’s insurance claims throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and South Florida for many years. We know what these storms are capable of doing, as we are well acquainted with the aftermath.

The priority when a storm approaches is safety. Indeed, you want to make sure that your family is prepared in a safe place. Our office is here to help in the aftermath of storms such as Irma. We don’t want to write an extended blog, at this time. As we write this the storm approaches.

Our goal is to give you a few tips should you suffer any sort of loss to home or premises, resulting from Hurricane Irma. The following are things you should do, after a homeowner’s loss:

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By: Demian Rafael Goldstraj

Two scenarios occur shortly after a motor vehicle accident. Your own automobile insurance carrier or a carrier providing PIP benefits may call you and request a recorded statement also known as an Examination Under Oath. This is a sworn statement conducted by your insurance carrier and although required should never be given without retaining an attorney experienced in accident law and procedure. The following is an excerpt of the statute mandating the insured/claimant’s contractual /statutory authority to request what is known as an EUO.

An insured seeking benefits under ss. 627.730–627.7405, including an omnibus insured, must comply with the terms of the policy, which include, but are not limited to, submitting to an examination under oath. The scope of questioning during the examination under oath is limited to relevant information or information that could reasonably be expected to lead to relevant information. Compliance with this paragraph is a condition precedent to receiving benefits. An insurer that, as a general business practice as determined by the office, requests an examination under oath of an insured or an omnibus insured without a reasonable basis is subject to §626.9541 Fla. Stat. (2016).

The second scenario occurs as follows:

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I Do Not Want to File a Claim – my rates will go up

By: Demian Rafael Goldstraj

As a South Florida personal injury firm our office reviews and handles hundreds of cases yearly. Every so often we are faced with a client/claimant who is afraid to file a claim because they are afraid of a rate increase. What should you do when faced with this scenario?

Will your automobile insurance premiums jump up after you’re in an accident and make a claim? If you were not to blame for what happened, then the answer is easy. No. This is true even if you are injured in the accident and you file an insurance claim to cover your harm. In a rear end collision the driver who is rear-ended should not experience or be assessed a rate increase.

If you are partially or completely at fault you may experience a rate increase as a result of the accident. An example of partial fault is an intersectional collision that usually will be determined to have been caused by the negligence of drivers involved.

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